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Proper skin care is vital for optimal health and well being. Whether you’re looking for a medical spa to provide anti-aging solutions or to enhance your natural appearance. Our anti-aging treatments will have all the steps of a basic facial, but with ingredients that are targeted to aging or “mature” skin, which is usually age 40 and up. But you can have anti-aging facials even when you’re in your thirties, because the skin is already showing signs of maturity.

Current Specials

Dermalume Rejuvenation Light Therapy $35
Infuses peptides into your skin after facials and rejuvenates and restores collagen and elasticity.

Basic Facial $65
Hot Stone Massage and Lymph Drainage add on for $35.

Skin Resurfacing and Color Correction

Skin Resurfacing greatly reduces or eliminates facial scars, acne scars superficial skin lesions, wrinkles, skin laxity, and textural irregularities. Safe and effective longer lasting results. Schedule a consultation with us. We will evaluate your skin condition and setup treatments to improve tone, texture, and color of your face. We’re proud to offer several skin resurfacing services, which has been shown to effectively treat wrinkles, red and brown spots and textural irregularities. Look as young as you feel.

  • Improve tone, texture and color
  • Achieve longer lasting results
  • Safe and effective


Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and debris for healthier, smoother skin. Rock Creek Medi Spa offers crystal-free treatments. Microderm helps reduce sunspots, age spots, superficial wrinkles and scars, and remove dead skin leaving a refreshed clean look and feel. We offer microderm treatments for men, women, and teens to treat various skin conditions.

  • Minor blemishes
  • Dry skin
  • Back acne

Exfoliation and suction lifts and removes dead skin cells and debris from the skin/pores, tightens and evens out skin tone and texture, reduces blackheads and whiteheads, and freshens and brightens the skin. It also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. Ask us about our microderm packages! We offer various treatment options: full face and neck, décolleté, arms, hands, and back.

HydrafacialHydraFacial MD

The HydraFacial Medical Device combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating. The HydraFacial procedure is suitable for most skin types, including thin or aging skin, ethnic skin, and dry skin or oily skin.

You may wish to add a 30% glycolic vial for and additional $25.00 and or a derma peptide filler to plump those “issue areas” for an additional $25.00. Start your skin maintenance program now with HydraFacial to slow down your skin’s aging process and delay the need for invasive procedures.

DermaFrac™ Skin Rejuvenation

DermaFrac™ is an exciting new treatment to reduce the signs of skin aging that combines the proven benefits of microdermabrasion with powerful rejuvenation infusion solutions. The scientifically-designed infusion solutions are a new concept in skin aging that enhance all skin types and conditions to provide a positive rejuvenating effect. The Infusion Peel™ combines three treatments in one session.

First you will experience a crystal-free exfoliation of the outermost layer of your skin, giving you a fresher look while preparing the skin for the dermal infusion.
In the second phase a vacuum-assisted applicator tip is used to drive the infusion formula deep into the skin for more dramatic results. The infusion process is cool, soothing, and extremely effective as the newly refined surface of the skin absorbs the nutrients of the infusion.

The final element of the treatment consists of high intensity LED light therapy delivered by CoolBreeze™ wands. This light therapy promotes collagen stimulation, suppresses inflammation, and reduces irritation of the skin. LED Light therapy has also been clinically proven to treat acne.

DermaFrac™ Infusion Solutions
There are four infusion solutions scientifically developed to treat different skin types including dry, oily, acne-prone, and aging skin:
Anti-Aging Peptide Solution
This infusion is a highly effective anti-aging treatment that combats fine lines and wrinkles, superficial age spots, and sun-damaged skin. Containing a combination of peptides, amino acids, and vitamins to promote collagen and elastin production, this infusion promotes beautiful, more radiant skin with no downtime.
Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer
A gentle combination of aloe, green and white tea, and grape seed anti-oxidants, this infusion helps the skin retain its moisture content to enhance its rejuvenation process. The skin will look plumped and revitalized immediately following this procedure.
Acne Solution
This infusion, containing a lactic acid formula, exfoliates the outer layers of the skin to reveal brighter, healthier skin while increasing collagen production. Resulting in diminished lines and wrinkles, this very effective infusion continues to work post-treatment and is suitable for sensitive skin.
Skin Lightening Solution
This infusion has been created to help repair sun damaged and pigmented skin. The formula contains active, natural ingredients to suppress the pigmentation process in the skin while also acting as an effective lightening agent.

Bio Electric Rejuvenation | Non Surgical Facelift

Bio-Electric Rejuvenation is an amazing non-invasive (non-surgical) anti-aging technology that employs universal healing frequencies to stimulate cells and re-educate muscles, reducing fluid retention and softening wrinkles without the risk, discomfort and expense of surgery. Facial muscles are lifted, held and made firm this creates elasticity in the tissue, with the added benefit of keeping skin healthy.

Specific techniques are used to lift and keep muscles firm. The number of treatments a person needs depends upon their age and condition when they first begin treatment. It is recommended that the client come in for an initial series of two or three treatments a week for five to six weeks. This will re-tone the muscles and rejuvenate the skin.

After the initial series, most clients come in once every month for a maintenance treatment to keep the muscles tight and healthy. Incredible as a preventative and as a corrective treatment. Most people see a difference on the very first treatment.

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